Slip and Fall Attorney in Atlantic City, NJ

Property owners are responsible for making sure their land is safe for everyone. Whether you were injured at a store, restaurant, or on your neighbor's walkway, you may be entitled to compensation. Call on the Atlantic City law offices of Keith E. Zaid to make sure you're getting what's owed to you.

Property Upkeep

You wouldn't let vines grow up and down your front walk to trip people, would you? Of course not. So why do people think it's acceptable to ignore ice, grass growth, or other hazards that can severely harm people like you and me? Improper home upkeep may mean the homeowner is liable for your injuries.
Slip in a concrete stairs with leaves - damages in Atlantic City, NJ
Wet floor sign - damages in Atlantic City, NJ

Public Spaces

If you visit a grocery store or restaurant, you reasonably expect that you won't encounter wet, slippery floors or dangerous conditions. A trip to the supermarket isn't a safari or mountain climbing trip--you wouldn't expect that injury is a possibility. When areas meant for public access are unkempt or left in a hazardous state, it is the property owner who bears the responsibility. Call on the law offices of Keith E. Zaid to make sure your voice is heard and you can recover what's owed to you. It's not just about you--by raising the issue, you may very well be saving someone else from suffering on this property.
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