Boating Injury Attorney in Atlantic City, NJ

At the Law Office of Keith E. Zaid represents people who have had personal injury boat accident. Waterways can be overcrowded and unfortunately filled with people that may not know all the rules and laws that govern it. Also, during some recreational activities in the waterways, Alcohol may be involved, which can lead to poor judgment with an inexperienced boater. If you ever find yourself hurt due to the indiscretions of some of these people, it is best to give us a call immediately because of the environment. With Maritime environment, evidence can easily be lost that is why immediate action needs to be taken. So, whether the accident was caused by the boat driver negligence, inattentiveness, inexperience, intoxication, or speeding, we will help our clients thoroughly investigate the accident's cause to determine the most effective legal strategy.

Boat accident - damages in Atlantic City, NJ