Auto Injury in Atlantic City, NJ

Auto injury law doesn't just come into play when you sue the driver who hit you; sometimes, it's necessary to enlist the help of a qualified attorney just to get what you're owed from the insurance companies. When clients turn to the law offices of Keith E. Zaid, they can rest assured that they have a tireless advocate who will fight for their interests.

Car accident - damages in Atlantic City, NJ
Driving car on highway - damages in Atlantic City, NJ

Road Safety

We're all responsible for making the roads as safe as possible. When a careless driver breaks the rules, our world is just a little less safe. Sadly, that means that people can and do get hurt. Whether you were rear-ended, hit at an intersection, or hit while not even in your own vehicle, you may be owed damages by the other driver (or drivers) and/or their insurance company. You shouldn't go it alone! Contact the law offices of Keith E. Zaid today if you or someone you love was involved in an auto accident.

Insurance Companies and Liability

The biggest rule of auto accidents is this: never talk to the opposing insurance company. The insurance companies should talk to each other, but even that often requires the attention of an experienced attorney who's truly fighting for you--not for the insurance companies' bottom line. Keith E. Zaid is a seasoned personal injury lawyer who knows the insurance company tricks. He knows how to make sure you are protected and that you get what you're owed.
Insurance policy on a desk - damages in Atlantic City, NJ
Don't let dishonest insurance companies talk you into a corner! Make sure you're represented fairly and that true justice is served by calling the law offices of Keith E. Zaid today!